The Patron Saint of Pictures*

So, as I mentioned before, this place is kinda text-heavy, so I’m going to lighten it up with some pictures.

This is Ramona, my 1-year-old Puggle/Chihuahua/insert-small-breed-here mix.  This was taken a couple of months ago, during her first significant snowfall.  She absolutely had a ball — this was taken a couple of seconds after the fun had started to wear off and the cold was starting to set in.  We went back in the house shortly thereafter.

This is Erida, my cat named after the Greek goddess of hate (for a variety of reasons, but most notably because she’s a screamer and her screams will easily incite vast multitudes to bloodlust, much like her namesake did during the Trojan War).  She’s actually a very sweet kitty, though (she is so, Mom!).  She likes to lay in places where she obviously doesn’t belong, such as in this 1930’s Fire King serving dish that I use as a fruit bowl.  She even dragged the towel in there herself, just so she bask in the sunshine coming in the kitchen window.  It’s sad, really!

This is a flower.  Duh.  Specifically, it’s a daffodil, with some statues and a fountain in the background (Fountain Square Park).  I don’t know why it looked better in black-and-white, but it did.  Maybe it’s all the statuary.  The original color version was just too . . . loud?  This was one of about a million shots I took that afternoon, from about a thousand different perspectives — each and every one of them with that darlin’ puppydog yanking me off balance.  Did you know people driving around Fountain Square will look at you funny if you’re laying on your side in the (more-than-a-little damp) grass in a public park, with a camera attached to one arm and a squirmy beast attached to the other.  Come to think of it, that is a pretty odd sight!  The shot was totally worth it, though!

Coming sometime soon (like, a month from now, probably), I’ll try my hand at an original recipe!  There’s bacon, so how can it be bad?


*St. Veronica is the patron saint of photographers.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Anne on 7 May 2017 at 08:33

    Omggg your pets are absolutely adorable! Loving your blog ❤


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