The Patron Saint of Valentine’s Day*

Stream-of-consciousness ramblings from my morning at work

 I’ve always been single for Valentine’s Day.  Always.  And it’s never really bothered me.  It kind of comes under the heading of “holidays other people celebrate but to me just mean good candy.”  You know, like Christmas and Easter.  I’ve never understood the people who go fall into the pits of despair over the lack of a valentine, but on the other hand, people don’t understand what it is about New Year’s Eve that makes me want to jump off a

 Thursday, I attempted a fist-bump with my dental hygienist while heavily under the influence of nitrous oxide.  The reason for said fist-bump remains tragically unremembered; however, I do remember that the fist-bump went completely off-center and I punched her in the wrist.

 I like working Saturday mornings – there’s not usually a lot going on, which gives me time to update this here blog, catch up on episodes of Chuck, and look for more gross recipes (not that I need to look – they find me all on their own).  All I really have to do is keep half an eye/ear on the front desk and the phones to help the helpless whenever they so require.

 I realized yesterday that I’m missing a round 4-cup Pyrex baking dish with matching red plastic lid.  Yes, I am one of those freaky people who can’t remember how to properly fist-bump, but I can remember how many Pyrex dishes I own.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this dish may be languishing somewhere in the car, with the remains of some long-forgotten lunch festering within.  This is why I own Pyrex dishes – they are easily sterilized.

 I’m hooked on smoothies right now (maybe because of the aforementioned dental work), and I enjoy putting stuff in them that make my coworkers gag.  Such ingredients include spinach.  Funny, I don’t get the same reaction when I use cauliflower as a base – it doesn’t look as gross, I guess.  I’ll tell you a little secret: the first time I made a spinach-based green smoothie, I had to put it in a lidded cup so that I couldn’t see it while I was drinking it.  But I’m over that now.  Mostly.

 I really, really hate not having discretionary money.

 A ten-cent Euro coin somehow made its way into my possession on Thursday morning, before I left work to go to the dentist.  I still had it in my pocket when I got there.  Because I was clutching it somewhat obsessively inside my pocket while they were poking around in my mouth, and because everything went relatively well, I have come to consider this coin my new good luck charm.  I’m considering getting a hole drilled in it and using it as my new pendulum (because, really, when am I going to have the opportunity to spend one-tenth of a Euro?).

 My new upstairs neighbors (in the deee-luxe apartment I didn’t end up moving into) have vacuumed more in the past three days than I think the previous tenants did the entire time they lived there.  It’s slightly annoying, but I’d rather listen to vacuuming than the incessant reggae that the previous tenants liked to blast.  All. The. Time.

 Work-related pet peeve: when people just pitch their keys on the counter (or worse, over the counter onto the front desk) to check out even though I’m standing right there!  Hand me the keys!  Use your words when I ask you your room number and ask if everything was all right in your room!  The proper response to “good morning,” “thank you,” and/or “have a great day” is not a grunt!  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! (ilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjob)

 Fashion-related pet peeve: people who ever thought/still think it’s OK to wear sweatpants with words across the bottom in public.  Also their parents, who seemingly approved this outfit prior to them all leaving the house together.

 I have a cast-iron bladder, but smoothies make me have to pee.  A lot.

 People, it’s Valentine’s weekend – our Jacuzzi rooms were booked like a hundred years ago!  It comes on the same day every year – plan accordingly!

 Have a lovely Valentine’s day, everyone!

*St. Valentine, duh!


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