The Patron Saint of Dental Pain*

Last week, when I and my landlord decided I was not movin’ on up to the dee-luxe apartment directly above me, I reminded myself that the world unfolds as it should (wisdom from Miss Judy), and that I simply wasn’t meant to live there. (Of course, this calm objectivity settled upon me only after I pitched my hissy fit.)

Well, the universe spoke. See, the universe, being much smarter than I, remembered, as I often do not, that I have spectacularly bad teeth, which periodically require hundreds of dollars in dental work. The universe doesn’t want me spending my hard-earned money on an extra room and a walk-in closet and larger kitchen with extra counters and cabinets and private rooftop access when there are more important expenses to cover! So when I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago, consumed with the kind of pounding, inescapable pain that can only mean “dental abscess”, I knew right away.

This is going to be a bad couple of days.


*Saints Appolonia, Christopher, Elizabeth of Hungary, Ida of Nivelles, Kea, Medard, and Osmund


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